Our Ingredients

Our Bread

All our bread is handmade by the brilliant British Gail’s Bakery and it’s all artisan-crafted which means there are absolutely no additives or preservatives. There’s simply no contest between a healthier hand-made loaf and something factory-produced at speed.We pair the chewy and flavoursome loaves with butter (not marg) and carefully sourced fresh ingredients.

Our Coffee

We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest hand-roasted coffee beans which we grind fresh to order. Having lived in France and Italy we learned to appreciate our daily dose and wanted to serve proper coffee (two shots as standard) alongside jolly good food. We trained with the most highly respected baristas at Monmouth Coffee.

Our Beef

We are delighted to verify the provenance with full traceability of our 100% British Beef from Hensons - one of the finest and longest–established Smithfields Butchers. We make our burgers from twice-ground minced beef for succulence and flavour.